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Lucky Cat Mini-Memo Pad
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   Mini-memo pad measures 2.5 inches tall by 2 inches wide. Comes with a chain so you c..
Kawaii Poop Pens + Pencils
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   Crazy poop pens that are also...strangely cute! A totally unique pen that could only..
 Toast iPhone Case
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Kawaii soft squishy rubber foam case for your iPhone 4/4s! Scented to smell like toast!  ..
$12.99 $1.99
Kewpie Sonny Angel Mini Notebook
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Super cute mini notebook measures 4.75 inches by 3.5 inches and has 48 pages, half of the pages l..
Phone Charm Connecter
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Attach charms to your phone with this handy little dust plug that inserts into your phone's headp..
Plush Birdie Pens
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A super cute pen with a soft plush bird topper!  ..